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Extract EMAILS. Only from INSTAGRAM publicly available data.


Scrape emails of the followers of an Instagram account you specify.


Scrape emails of the people who posted and commented with a specific hashtag.

What we need from you to process your order:

One @username OR #hashtag

You will get:

Full names (guaranteed), Emails (guaranteed), Phone numbers (if added), User ID (guaranteed), Posts Number (guaranteed), Following number (guaranteed), Username (guaranteed), Followers count (guaranteed), Website (if added), City name (if added), Biography (if added), Address (if added), Account type – business vs private (yes).

Benefits of this service:

  • Carry out personalized marketing [common in real estate ads].
  • Acquire your competitor’s customers or fanbase for e.g. in your country like United States.
  • Analyze customer sentiments on Instagram and for research purpose.
  • Done for you from A to Z, so you don’t have to worry about getting blocked.
  • You pay only for the emails, not for users scraped without emails.
  • Location of account will be added if it is available in public profile.
  • Bio will be added if it is available in public profile.
  • Category of the account will be added if available in public profile.



  • 1,000 emails/$9 is the minimum  you can purchase per order. You may test our scraping service with this.
  • So $0.0099 credit = 1 email scraped.
  • Please provide only one username or hashtag per order
  • Important: please enter the username with the @ (e.g. @ismocomedy) OR  hashtag with the # (e.g. #comedy).
  • Do not scrape from a username with less than 500,000 followers
  • Do not scrape from a hashtag with less than 500,000 posts under it.
  • Recommended: scrape no more than 1% of the total followers or hashtag post count.
  • This will ensure that we scrape your total required emails since some IG users do not have an email address.
  • Our system entirely skip Instagram users who have no email address.
  • We cannot scrape emails from the same username or hashtag twice. You have to scrape all you want from a source at once.
  • Discount: For an Instagram scraping order over $900+, please use the 10% coupon code: VIP900


Delivery: result (data) will be sent to your order email in .csv file usually within 24 to 48 hours. Please understand this, for every 100k emails scraping task, it takes 24 hours or 1 day to deliver. So 200k emails will take 1 to 2 days, 300k emails will take 1 to 3 days, 1 million emails will take 2 to 10 days to deliver, depending on the processing queue.

Thank you for understanding!


PRICE: $0.0099/ email



Due Diligence !! 

..It is recommended to comply with data protection laws.
..You are responsible for obtaining consent from individuals whose data you want to scrape.
..We bear no liability for your end use of the scraped publicly available data.
..If you are within the EU and you want to scrape data, please see GDPR’s view on web scraping.
..You may want to check with your national laws and ensure that scraping is allowed within your jurisdiction.


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