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FAQs | Affiliates

Q. How do I become an Affiliate?

A. To become an affiliate, there are two options:

1st option: Purchase any of our products and you will be auto-approved; you do not need to apply (100% guaranteed approval rates).

 2nd option: Signup using the Affiliate Signup form on this page without purchasing our product and wait for approval (low approval rates).

Q. How do I get paid as an Affiliate?

A. Payment will be sent to you via WISE (highly recommended), ACH Bank Transfer, or Wire Transfer. Your affiliate manager will request for these details when necessary. We cannot pay you with PayPal, crypto, and other means. Please understand that payouts sent to you via WISE, ACH or US Wire are free of charge. International Wire transfer would charge you a flat fee of $15 per payout and this fee will be deducted from your payout if you use this option.

Q. When will I receive payout?

A. Payout schedule is simple. You will receive payment for all your accrued earnings by the 29th day of every two months. For example, if you earned a total of $975 on your referrals from April 1 to April 31, you will receive the accumulated total ($975) for that month by May 29 in your bank account via WISE, ACH or Wire Transfer.

Q. What is the minimum payout?

A. The minimum payout is $100. Once you have earned up to this amount, you are eligible to get paid according to our payout schedule.

Q. How much can I make?

A. Unlimited. The more you promote and make referring sales, the more you earn.

Q. What is your standard cookie duration?

A. Cookie duration is 60 days: if someone makes a purchase within these many days of their first referred visit, affiliate will be credited for the sale.

Q. Do I get a special coupon code to promote as an affiliate?

A. Yes. This special offer is only available for our top Affiliates (resellers who are driving the most sales). The offer is also available to all our users who subscribed to Magic Super, Magic Ultimate, API Super or API Ultimate. If you are in any of these categories, you will be given the special promotional coupon code up to 15% discount or you can simply request for it through your Affiliate dashboard.

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