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Donate to Labnify

Minimum credits allowed $10

Maximum credits allowed $100,000,000


Labnify is a growing SaaS business, professionally run for profit with big aspirations. Our model is one which creates a multiplier effect to businesses of all shapes and sizes: through our work with companies and individuals, we ensure long-term commitments. Why donate to Labnify? We neither receive funding from the government nor investors. Therefore your financial support will go a long way towards helping us sustain our work and make our business more inclusive in the market so as to expand the resources that will help service our clients better. Besides financial donations, we also welcome in kind support such as donations of real estate or fixed assets including furniture and IT equipment.


LABNIFY.COM is the only official website under our brand name and logo. 


We do NOT accept payment through Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, or Live chat, and neither do we trade crypto nor offer jobs. If anyone does these in the name of Labnify, it is impersonation. For details, see legal Terms.