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Landing your emails in the inbox starts with POSITIVE SENDER REPUTATION. This eBook (Excel) contains the effective warm-up schedule you can implement for warming up your SMTP server or email sender IP. The details include the proper warm-up schedule plan for 1 to 30 days and the recommended number of emails you can send on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd,….up to the 30th day.

You will also find that the recommended increment in sending volume is different for each sending plan. For example, if you plan to be sending 10k emails per day, the increase in the number of emails you can send during warmup (from day 1 to day 30) is different from the increase that we recommend for 25k emails per day.

Warm-up Plans Included

  • 5k emails per day.
  • 10k emails per day.
  • 25k emails per day.
  • 50k emails per day.
  • 100k emails per day.
  • 500k emails per day.
  • 1 million emails per day.

Why do I need this warm-up kit?

  • Positive sender reputation.
  • Cold email blasting in bulk.
  • Be a good guy in the eyes of ESPs and ISPs.
  • ESPs and ISPs will love you for it → Hit the Inbox.

It is very common for emails to go land in the spam folder for a new sender with a new SMTP server (Email Server), new IP & Domain. When you have a new Brand IP Address for your SMTP, this IP will have no Reputation on the internet, and ISPs (internet service providers) doesn’t know this IP.

So IP warmup is the practice of building Your Reputation on the Internet by gradually increasing the volume of mail sent with your IP address according to a predetermined schedule. This gives the email providers a chance to carefully observe and analyze your sending habits and volumes and record how your recipients engage with your email.

In general, Warm-up takes between 2-10 Weeks depending on the number of emails you want to be sent per day.

How do ISPs evaluate my emails and Reputation?

When you start the warming up process, ISPs will evaluate your reputation according to three main Factors:

  • Bounce Rate: When you send an email campaign, you need to ensure that your emails are valid emails, High bounce rate will destroy your reputation.
  • Spam Traps: even a very low percentage of spam traps can blacklist you!
  • Spammy Content: ISPs will check if you are using any spammy keywords or blacklisted links.
  • User Interaction: How Recipients are interacting with your emails, if they are reporting you as spam, then this is a real problem!

Email Volume and Timeline

For IP warm-up, the warmup schedule, and the Sending Volume are different for all senders. The number of emails you send depends on your own total email volume, some may require 10k emails per day, and others may need 25k per day! But in any case, you must send enough emails at enough frequency so that your email reputation can be consistent.

Also, you have to know something very important, most reputation systems only store data for 30 days, so you should not go 30 days or more without sending from an IP.  Otherwise, you will need to warm it up again. Want to know how many emails to send per day for your IP warm-up? Use our IP warm-up kit to start implementing your real sending volume.


$19 Warm-Up Kit (eBook)





Q. What is the price of the Warm-up kit?

A. The price of this kit is $19.

Q: In what format is this warm-up kit?

A: Excel (.xlsx) with graphs, and TXT file (with details). 

Q: If I place an order now, when will you deliver?

A: Delivery is usually under 5 minute.


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